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Allen Thrasher

Innovation, strategy, and Marketing

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Allen is a strategy, marketing, and M&A professional living in the San Francisco Bay Area having relocated after several years in London. Over her career, she has brought success to companies across multiple industries by using solid strategies, ground-breaking marketing, smart M&A planning and execution, and aligning businesses to be more relevant to their customers.

By creating strong strategies, plans and propositions that are delivered through professional programs, her projects not only generate significant revenue from new customers, but also optimize value from and engagement with customers.

​She is considered a thought leader in scaling, leadership, engagement and personalized marketing, She has been quoted multiple times in the marketing and technology press and has been a frequent presenter at conferences across Europe.

Allen brings a cosmopolitan perspective having grown up in Atlanta, Georgia and lived in New York City, Dallas, Paris, Atlanta, Washington, London and now Silicon Valley. She was educated at The Masters School in New York, Southern Methodist University in Dallas, New York University and Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. As well, she was a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketers in London and the AMA in San Francisco.

In her spare time, she enjoys travel, cooking, tennis, fitness, fine cuisine, wine, movies and cultural events.